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10 Best Ad Campaigns that Brought the World Together

Best Ad Campaigns

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Best Ad campaigns attract the audience and become the most popular reason for the purchase of the products. The ads have ruled the marketing industry and uplifted the brands and their sales. Brands like Nike, Cadbury, Apple are excellent examples of creativity and innovation in the advertising industry.  Various ad agencies like Ogilvy, WPP, Dentsu, etc have impacted the ad world.

In this blog, we will be looking at the world’s 10 best ad campaigns that have created a profound impact on viewers and the world of advertising.

1. Coca Cola’s One Coke Away From Each Other (2021)

Created by Coca Cola with Real Magic

Average Views: 994k

What makes it the best? : A congruence of the real-life world with the virtual gaming world

Results: Other than its famous soft drinks, Coca-Cola has produced one of the best ad campaigns. Launched in September 2021, Coca-Cola wanted to suggest honoring the togetherness among humankind. To kick off the new platform called Real Magic, Coca-cola launched the ad with a mixture of the real-world and gaming world. This ad has received mixed feedback from the audience. Some of them supported the concept while others criticized the ad and trolled the concept.

2. Nike’s Play New

Created by Wiedden+Kennedy

Average Views: 100M

What makes it the best?: The ad gives messages not to lose hope in sports through various famous athletes.

Results: Rolled out by Nike a Play New campaign embracing the thought of joy and inspiration through playing. This marketing campaign has been successful in creating an emotional impact on the audience. This social media campaign encourages people to discover and try something new while exploring sports. Social media, especially the Youtube video of Nike has received more than 100 M views.

3. Dove’s The Selfie Talk

Created by Dove

Average Views: 960k

What makes it the best?: The reverse process of distortion of photos

Results: This social media campaign does not showcase its products, yet it has received lots of appreciation. Dove US rolled out this ad campaign for its social media marketing. The purpose behind the campaign was to eradicate the distortion by apps. It suggests having The Selfie Talk with the younger generation as the pressure of social media is hurting their self-esteem. After the campaign launch, 66% of girls agreed that social media pressure doesn’t affect them now.  According to the survey, 30% of parents accepted the fact and talked to their children.

4. Apple’s Fumble

Created by Apple

Average Views: 2M

What makes it the best?: An ad without any dialogue is the specialty of the ad.

Results: It shows how the iphone 12 has the best ceramic shield. It promotes the ceramic shield by saying that it is tougher than any other smartphone glass  With an outstanding representation and catchy music tone, this marketing campaign has attracted users. The ad is mostly famous for its Indian music tone and has received millions of views on youtube.

5. Toyota’s Big Game

Created by Super Bowl

Average Views: 1.4 M

Link: Watch Here

What makes it the best?: An impressive story of the leader focusing on the importance of confidence in sports

Results:  This ad is a one-minute video that unfolds the story of paraplegic swimmer Jessica Long and a heart-warming story of her adoption and a success story. This Big Game Commercial has been very successful across social media platforms, especially on Youtube. It has become the best ad campaign as it impacts the audience emotionally. The very important thing is this Toyota commercial doesn’t say anything about its products. It has been successful in encouraging respect for all games and players.

6. HP Omen Korea

Created by Wiedden+Kennedy

Average Views: 2.9 M

What makes it the best?: A background narration with a great social message

Results: The new campaign by HP lights up the income inequalities in South Korea. HP promotes its new gaming PC in this campaign.HP has been successful in impacting the Korean industry where physical and income inequalities have become major issues.

7. Mc Donald’s Light ON

Created by Leo Brunett London

What makes it the best?: Its simple presentation with the advertisement strategy. A simple Light ON campaign is easily recognizable. This ad used a monochromatic color theme with a golden arc showing the best home delivery services. This ad is the best example of a minimalistic ad. 

Results: This ad conveys the message of the reopening of the restaurants in France and the UK where Mc Donald’s is becoming popular in french culture. The audience has welcomed this unique kind of approach.

8. Samsung’s Together With You

Created by Samsung Exynos Team

Average Views-22 M

What makes it the best?: The way in which the film is directed and the launching of Samsung’s new Exynos mobile

Results: This ad has been appreciated on all streams of social media, especially game lovers. This ad received a huge amount of appreciation and it has been a great success on Youtube with more than 20M views. The purpose of this ad was to promote its new Exynos gaming mobile. This is one of the best ad campaigns during the pandemic situation.

9. Amazon’s Kindness Is The Greatest Gift

Created by Lucky Generals

Average Views-2.1 M

What makes it the best?: A very impactful storyline that strengthens the relationships. This 3-minute video ad is the best ad campaign to spread the beautiful idea of gentle behavior during difficult situations.

Results: This is one the best ad campaigns that touches the emotional side of the affected people. It successfully connects the emotions and the gift importance while launching Amazon’s Christmas shop.

10. Cadbury’s Not Just A Cadbury Ad

Created by Ogilvy

Average Views-1.37 M

What makes it the best?: A continuous background narration with a powerful series of events by local retailers. Cadbury featured Shah Rukh Khan in this ad to increase its impact.

Results: This social media ad received very much appreciation on social media. It not only brought the audience together but also built a strong local market.

Unique ads attract the world. They attract the audience. They remain in the minds of people. The 10 best ad campaigns in the world have changed the perspective of the advertising industry. Whether it’s Amazon’s Christmas sale ad or Dove’s girls’ empowerment campaign, creative minds that present excellent ideas are at the foundation level of advertisement. The revolutionary ad industry is making difference and helping the world to get better.

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